At S.M.A.R.T. Learning Strategies we explain how and why a student struggles and work with the client to develop and improve their learning skills. We help students from grade school to college develop skills to successfully learn.

Executive Function Coaching

Appropriate for the student who needs to improve productivity in his/her learning. Each student is unique and we recognize this by creating an individualized student success plan with goal centered outcomes that serve to enhance a student’s planning, self-monitoring, organizational, attention, and memory skills through the use of learning strategies. Initially, services are provided on a weekly basis and taper off as the student acquires mastery of the skill.

Strategies taught will include:

  • Create and maintain a Materials Management System
  • Develop abilities to manage time and prioritize school work
  • Implement a plan to complete school projects
  • Improve abilities to follow directions
  • Utilize successful techniques to acquire information
  • Improve memory capacity
  • Utilize active reading strategies
  • Enhance writing skills
  • Identify and set goals for academic success

Academic Success Training

Help your student take the steps to go from surviving to thriving. The goal of this training is to bring attention to, develop, and implement behaviors required for success in school. Academic Success Training is appropriate for the student who recognizes the need for improvement to meet his/her potential. The training consists of six 50-minute sessions that meet on a weekly basis.

Sessions focus on the acquisition and application of the following learning strategies:

  • Create and maintain a materials management system
  • Track school information and materials electronically
  • How to use a planner as a tool for success
  • Prioritize home and school responsibilities
  • Plan and complete long term projects
  • Follow directions for assignments
  • Engage active reading strategies
  • Study strategies that get results
  • Create goal for success and action plans to achieve them

Educational Therapy (ET)

Educational Therapy services are appropriate for the client in need of an educational advocate to communicate with parents, teachers, and other professionals. When requested, an Effective Educational Plan is provided which lists goals to help overcome academic, non-academic, and social-emotional difficulties. This intensive process of teaching goes beyond what coaching can provide. Educational Therapy is unique in that it highlights a student’s strengths to compensate for areas of weakness. Depending on the degree of difficulty, a client may meet twice a week and then on a weekly basis until the Educational Therapy goals are achieved.

In addition to executive function services, services provided to an Educational Therapy client may include the following:

  • Demystify a client’s learning struggles.
  • Design an affective educational intervention plan.
  • Attend to the academic, social and emotional aspects of learning.
  • Develop a productive network of support among friends, family, teachers, and allied professionals.
  • Nurture independence and self-advocacy allowing the client to take control of the learning processes, if appropriate.
  • Interpret assessment results and develop a variety of applicable strategies to learn a necessary behavior.
  • Suggest adaptations for school curriculum and teaching methods to meet the learning requirements of the client.
  • Conduct academic testing.
  • Refer a client to an allied professional when the need arises.

“My child is struggling in school and no one seems to know why?”…“My child was just diagnosed with a learning disability, what do I do now?”…“My child is frustrated! He wants to do well and he completes schoolwork but he underperforms in school. What is he doing wrong?” If you have ever asked yourself the following questions, Educational Therapy may be right for your child.

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